國別/地區: Taiwan
攤位號碼: 557/J
公司性質: Manufacturer

Kumac Slurry and Digestate Processing


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In a multi-stage process, the Kumac processing system separates solid matter from water. The result: About 55 percent clear water, approximately 25 percent solid matter and about 20 percent liquid nutrient concentrate. This technology has already been in continuous use for several years and is successfully applied at about 15 locations with intensive livestock breeding or large biogas plants. One of the key benefits of the solution – which is already well established in the Netherlands and Belgium – is the high technical plant availability. The scalable modular system can be used from an amount of 30,000t/year. If processing needs are higher, a combination of several Kumac lines can easily be implemented.

The Kumac processing plant impresses with its high quality in technology and conception. This results in numerous advantages for the user:
- Tried and tested technology with high plant availability
- Concentration of nutrients, resulting in the following:
-- Enhanced transportability
-- Reduction of the fertiliser application cost
- Reduction of the ground and surface water contamination with nitrogen and phosphor
- Reduction of the storage needs for slurry and digestate
- Approximately 50 percent of the source material turns into clean water
- Solid phase can be sold as mineral fertiliser, agricultural fertiliser, litter, biogas substrate, compost, etc.
- Designed for slurry from livestock breeding, digestate from biogas plants and industrial wastewater


Since 2007, the technology has already been successfully used in around 15 locations.