“Modern Technologies of Agricultural Waste and Residual Recycling and ‘Low External Input Farming’” was addressed by researchers from the University of Miyazaki (Japan), Wageningen University Research Center (Netherlands), TLRI, and Kasetsart University (KU). Two speakers mentioned that for livestock industry, the international price of feed grains affected its expansion, and that consumer awareness can further promote the development of eco-feeds; and new technology: small-scale grass biorefinery technology can contribute to solving three major issues, such as agricultural nitrogen emissions, the need for more agricultural land, and the import of soybean. The other two speakers provided a larger scale of circular agriculture, including the technology development of circular agriculture in Taiwan, particularly the policy-based project called “Agricultural Resource Recycling and Industry innovation” which has five major categories –agriculture, forestry, fishery, livestock, and biochar; and the supply chain of the cassava and starch factory in Thailand which can provide electricity generation and biofuel produced from biogas.

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时间2020-11-05 13:40:00
2020-11-05 15:30:00
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