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SKIOLD Aqua Feed Mill



As a leading supplier of feed mills for livestock, SKIOLD also provide high quality extrusion aqua feed mills that are pre-engineered to a very high level of details. The detailed pre-engineering is setting a new standard for aqua feed plants in the low and mid-range size of a capacity from 5 to 10 TPH for floating fish feed. This solution contains all the technology needed in the process, from the intake all the way through to the bagging of the ready aqua feed. The solution is designed in a modular system of well proven equipment of recognized brands but still has a flexibility, so it can be customized to meet the requirements of our customers.

The TTM (Time To Market) of the fish feed products is shortened once the investor has decided to build a new Aqua Feed Mill because of the very detailed pre-engineering that rapidly can be put in the process of planning and activating an Skiold Aqua Feed Mill project. The pre-engineering will help to speed the process of making decisions in terms of the final design of the plant. This can also lead to a smoother authority approval process, discussions and agreements with a construction company for civils and buildings and an agreement with a subcontractor for the installation.

The concept allows our customers to source the total project at SKIOLD, avoiding single sourcing of equipment and the engineering of putting a system together. As a turnkey supplier Skiold takes the responsibility of the engineering, sourcing of equipment, supervision of installation and commission of the plant.


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