Country/Region: Denmark
Booth No.: 226/K
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SKIOLD Illuminator

Product Model:20

Product introduction

The illuminator highlights the feeding pan and a concentrated area around the control pan with a broad-spectrum light. This attracts the birds to the control pan and encourages maximum feed consumption. It leads to optimum filling of all pans in the system.
Functionally & visually designed to be an integrated part of the line.
• Easy to connect to the control box in new or existing installations.
• Low power consumption.
• Very easy to clean & disinfect, with no hidden cavities or ‘dead spots’.
• The Illuminator causes no restriction to the movement of birds under or around the feeding pipe.
• The power of the Illuminator is balanced in intensity, in order only to attract the birds in proximity of the
control pan, causing limited eye stress due to excessive intensity.
• Comes completely ready to install with bracket, cable ties and gland.
• Vide beam angle - 180 degrees due to the clear housing design.

Product Spec

The Illuminator highlights the feeding pan and encourages maximum feed consumption

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