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SKIOLD Aviary System Xtra

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Product introduction  (Youtube)

The Xtra is designed to provide more system area on less space. The Xtra is a narrow system with as much as 4.70 m2 system area per running meter. A system which really utilizes the m2 in the houses optimally. The unique design in SKIOLD LANDMECO new nest, where the egg belt is positioned directly beneath the nest, allows it to be about 25% larger than otherwise. The Xtra’s narrow design means, that the nest is located directly next to the aisles, giving an extra easy access to the nest, and thus optimal conditions for good management. The system meets German KAT requirements as well as EU requirements.

Product Spec

SKIOLD Aviary System Xtra is the most open system for layers in the market with an unobstructed view of all tiers and nest

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