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White Shrimp Aquaculture Environmental Detection with Artificial Intelligence Manufacturing Decision System

1. The instrument test results are uploaded automatically, to save manual effort of recording.

2. System's real-time warning of environmental risk trend to reduce the manual effort and misjudgment.

3. The intelligent production decision platform helps farmers getting suggestions of their issues on time. No longer needs to search for help on their own and miss the golden window for dealing with it. Handle risks sooner, reduce losses greatly.

4. This system organizational sorts and traces problems and corresponding decisions of harvest. Next time, you have similar problems and risks, you can handle it with the system on time, and manage it more accurately to increase the success rate of harvest.

Session 1-3
Language Chinese
Time2021-11-11 15:15:00
2021-11-11 16:15:00
Location Meeting Room
Speaker Professor, Fan Hua Nan
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