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Pest Control in Livestock Farms and Experiences Sharing

Animal health is related to production and quality closely, which is the most important thing that breeders care about. Besides breeding knowledge, facilities and environment, nutrition, and medical treatment that could affect animal growth, pests in farms

1) cause disturbances and pressures,

2) spread the diseases,

3) contaminate water, feed, or animal products (such as eggs),

4) destroy facilities, and

5) affect neighboring environmental hygiene.

All of these will bring breeders economic losses and life annoyances. In this session, by sharing fly and rodent control practices, four steps will be introduced: Inspect, Select, Treat, and Follow up, helping breeders be aware of pest management and keep animal healthy at all time.


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Session 1-2
Language Mandarin
Time2021-11-11 14:30:00
2021-11-11 15:00:00
Location Meeting Room
Speaker Ms. Rishelle Wang
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