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Major trend of Antibiotic-Free Food Animal Production

For many years, people have understood that antibiotics and chemicals not only affect human health but also pollute the environment. Antibiotic-free farming is a part of green cycle agriculture. The use of safe feed to raise livestock and aquatic products not only provides safe food but also turns excrement into organic fertilizer. Many countries prohibit the use of antibiotics as preventive drugs. Taiwan has the advantages of top biotechnology and herbs, which is a good recipe for antibiotic-free farming. Through antibiotic-free farming, even the most difficult-to-breed silky fowls have a better breeding rate and better flavor. 

Session B3-01
Language Chinese
Time2020-11-07 10:00:00
2020-11-07 10:30:00
Location Meeting Room B
Speaker Mr. Orien Huang 
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