国/地域: Taiwan
小間番号: 705/K

ALASKA Industrial High Velocity Fan

製品番号:ITA-20G1 / ITA-20G3 / ITA-14G1 / ITA-14G3 / ITA-14L / ITA-14AS / ITA-10G1 / ITA-10L / ITA-10AS

製品説明  (ユーチューブの動画)

The livestock breeding industry often produces a lot of air pollution and high temperature due to intensive breeding. The air in the agricultural greenhouse must also be kept flowing and maintained at an appropriate temperature. Therefore, the quality of the air is very important to the growth and health of animals and plants. It is also related to the subsequent output and quality. The climate is changeable throughout the year. It is necessary to constantly maintain a stable growth environment in the breeding and planting fields. The selection of reliable and durable fan equipment cannot be ignored, and it also provides a good and appropriate working environment for the staff.

ALASKA industrial high velocity fan dedicated for agriculture and animal husbandry, equipped with highly reliable motors, corrosion-resistant and chemical-resistant support structure, IP55 waterproof capability, and powerful air columns that can blow over 50 meters. It is suitable for various farms and animal husbandry. It provides important features such as rapid heat removal, temperature reduction, and accelerated air convection circulation, which effectively solves problems and brings substantial improvements.
In addition, in addition to farms and livestock farms, ALASKA industrial superchargers are also suitable for various types of factories, warehouses, and various working environments to ventilate, remove odors, and cool down.

This series of products can combine IoT (Internet of Things) and big data systems to establish precise ventilation cycle scheduling, which greatly increases the output value and greatly wins business opportunities to achieve digital farming, animal husbandry, and smart transfer of production.


Hanging type / for Agriculture and Farm Industries
吊式 / 農牧用
ITA-20G1 / ITA-20G3 / ITA-14G1 / ITA-14G3 / ITA-10G1

Hanging type 吊式
ITA-14L / ITA-10L

Floor type 立式



Ventilation system & equipment、Smart Agriculture Solution、Greenhouse equipment & technology


Aquaculture farming equipment、Environmental control & monitoring


Environmental Control system、Facilities with Animal Welfare、Farmland Design and engineering