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Winpact Solid State Fermentation System



Solid state fermentation (SSF) can be used for enzyme, antibiotics, biofuel, and organic acid production in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industries, etc. One of the features for Solid state fermentation is to create low water level cultivating conditions for fungus, mold, filamentous fungi, and some bacteria growth. Winpact Solid State Fermentation system is designed for the laboratory scale research to get excellent results. It is featured with a 10.4" color touch screen, user-friendly interface and 4 built-in peristaltic pumps on the Linux based operation system. An automatic vessel angle control mechanism provides an outstanding mixing efficiency for solid state material research. This system is suitable for both aerobic and anaerobic fermentation with three kinds of impellers available (Broken, Anchor and Spiral type).


1. Fully integrated system specifically designed for solid-state fermentation research involving saccharification, hydrolysis and more.
2. Programmable angle-adjustable (0-90° for culture control, 120°for harvest control) vessel tiling and stirring mechanism permits superior sample homogeneity.
3. Impellers are designed to reduce stickiness and it ensures sample integrity during the fermentation process.
4. Integrated motor shaft & air sparger assembly creates precise, disturbance-free controls of aeration and mixing
5. Chemically resistant double jacketed borosilicate glass vessel design.
6. Can be used with pH and DO probes to control culture conditions (anchor type impellers only).
7. Customizable impellers and aeration controller available.



Anaerobio Fermentation、Agricultural Biotechnology

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