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Biofertilizer-Bacillus velezensis KHH13

Product Model:肥製(生)字第0473063號

Product introduction

1. <Bacillus velezensis> KHH13 has well phosphorus and potassium solubilizing activity (2186.1µg/ml x day and 49.6 µg/ml x day) and can produce various extracellular hydrolyzing enzymes such as protease, amylase, cellulase and phospholipase, and IAA, thus effectively increase plant nutrient utilization rate and promote growth.
2. It has excellent antibiotic activity for various soil-borne plant pathogens such as <Rhizoctonia solani>, <Fusarium oxysporum> f. sp. <cucumerinum> and <F. oxysporum> f. sp. <cubense>. It can be used as a soil conditioner to improve soil microbial phase and effectively cultivate soil fertility.
3. It significantly increase the yield of various crops such as chinese cabbage, bok coy, rape, water spinach, garland chrysanthemum, red lettuce and celery.
4. The information required for registration as a microbial fertilizer has been completed. Also, the production process and storage are stable.

Product Spec

1 kg / pack

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Chemical Fertilizer/Pesticide、Bio-, organic fertilizer/Biorational pesticides

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