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Dimmable (LED) lighting

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Product introduction  (Youtube)

the right LED lighting to go with it. Our LED fixtures has been specially developed for pig barns. They are designed to supply exceptional light quality to the benefit of both the animals and the pig farmer. The fittings moreover are moisture- and dust-proof and impact-resistant with protection rating IP66!
Good light management in the farm has a positive effect on your pigs' performance. Sustainable LED lighting provides every room with bright, natural light with lower energy costs.
Dimmable LED lighting moreover has a positive effect on piglets’ growth and ensures more effective feed conversion.
This energy-efficient LED lighting can be dimmed easily with the clearly laid-out light intensity curve and the time clock.

Product Spec

Dimension :28*1226mm
Bulb lifetime: 50000 hours
Electrical connection: 110-240v 50/60Hz
Protection type: IP 66

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Swine farming equipment、Environmental Control system

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