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Feed dispenser

Product Model:VD5

Product introduction

VD5 is made of plastic and has the capacity of up to 8 L.
The construction is at the same time very simple - free of fragile mechanics and demanding minimal maintenance.
It is simply clicked onto the feed pipe and locked in place using two clips without the need for tools.
The dispenser has a freely rotatable asymmetrical funnel, facilitating opti mum downpipe positioning and preventing bridge formation in the outlet.
In addition, the funnel outlet is suitable for Ø75 mm downpipes.
The inside of the dispenser is easily cleaned through the large cleaning hatch or through the removable outlet hopper.
Thanks to its transparent hopper and clear scale, checking the current setting of the VD5 is extremely simple, providing a rapid overview of feeding status within the unit. The volume setting can be quickly and easily adjusted by means of a adjustable band which pushed up and down.
A ball at the bottom of the outlet hopper keeps the VD5 dispenser closed, and the feed is nicely and easily delivered when the ball is pulled upwards, without risk of bridging.

Product Spec

Ø38-capacity 8L
Ø50-capacity 8L
Ø55-capacity 8L
Ø60-capacity 8L
Ø75-capacity 8L

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