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Nutrient Analysis Photometer

Product Model:HI83325-01

Product introduction  (Youtube)

HI83325 is a compact, multiparameter photometer for use in the environmental lab or in the field. The meter is one of the most advanced photometers available with a innovative optical design that utilizes a reference detector and focusing lens to eliminate errors from changes in the light source and from imperfections in the glass cuvette. This meter has 9 different programmed methods measuring 8 key plant nutrient water quality parameters and also offers an absorbance measurement mode for performance verification and for users that would like to develop their own concentration versus absorbance curves. Plant nutrient-specific parameters include potassium, calcium, and magnesium. To save valuable laboratory benchtop space, the HI83325 doubles as a professional pH meter with its digital pH/temperature electrode input. Now one meter can be used for both photometric and pH measurements.

Product Spec

Wavelength Accuracy:±1 nm
Light Source :5 LEDs with 420 nm, 466 nm, 525 nm, 575 nm, and 610 nm narrow band interference filters
Spectral bandwidth:8 nm
Input Channels:1 pH electrode input and 5 photometer wavelengths

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Applications of agricultural automation、Greenhouse equipment & technology、Irrigation system& Equipment、Hydroponic、Agricultural Biotechnology


Water quality management


Veterinary Examination、Smart livestock farming