Country/Region: Taiwan
Booth No.: 640/J
Business Nature: Manufacturer

With innovation, technology, quality, and service-oriented, More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. employs professional staff, constructs laboratories (chemical analysis, microbiology and product formulation) and develops new technologies (organic chelating, microbial fermentation, nano-emulsification, active coating, functional combination, and nutrition formulation) to produce high quality feed additives for physiological needs and growth performance of livestock and poultry with HACCP, ISO and FAMI-QS certification. More Standings a leading feed additive manufacturer in Taiwan for domestic and international markets.
More Standing Enterprise Co., Ltd. manufactures and sales feed additives including (1) organic minerals (single and combined), (2) essential oils and phytogenic extract, (3) acidifiers, (4) probiotics, (5) functional feed additives, (6) vitamin and mineral premix, (7) liquid products–vitamins, amino acids, phytogenic extracts, acidifiers, and (8) concentrated feed–swine and dairy cattle. In Taiwan, More Standing is the leading company in developing and manufacturing products of organic minerals and essential oils.
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