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The farm trial of Nooyen lift crate and Rescue system in Taiwan

The challenge of high-yielding sows in Taiwan is insufficient milk production. Insufficient milk production means the piglet nutrient requirement cannot be satisfy, which leads to low body weight and enhance necessity of fostering and therefore the risk of cross-contamination increased, etc. These problems will raise mortality rate and effect on farm profit.The farm trials in Taiwan shows after applying Rescuecare system, there is no need of foster care but still increase piglet weight effectively and have better weaning weight and uniformity.

in addition, during farrowing stage, crushing (overlying) is also one of the main reasons of piglet mortality. In order to reduce the mortality of piglets in husbandry, Nooyen lift crate is an optimum solution.  The farm trial which conduct in Taiwan also confirmed the use of Nooyen lift crate has the effect of reducing piglet mortality and increase the number of litters.

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Time2021-11-12 15:15:00
2021-11-12 15:45:00
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Speaker Ms. Sharon Chang
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